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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Tomorrow 30/04/13 Stock Market India tips NSE Nifty Future and Today's session summary

Today Indian Share Market-Today in Indian stock market accelerate and close above 0.50%, at opening level market start with green mode and sharply climbed due to the positive 4th quarter report of many stocks the morning session and FMCG and Consumer Durables stock brought positive movement while Metal and Capital stock oppose market and traded negative, Now market eye on the RBI upcoming policy.
Today Market closed 0.50% higher, NSE Nifty finished higher 0.56% and Sensex finished higher of 0.52% at 19387.50.
Tomorrow 30/04/13 India Stock Market Best trading stocks for Buy Sell- 
Tomorrow 30 April Intraday NSE Nifty Future and Equity tips calls- 
Sell- Jindal Steel Ltd with Target of Rs. 300-290.00 SL- 315.00 
Buy- Maruti Suzuki India Ltd with Target of Rs. 1690/1700.00 SL- 1670.00
Tomorrow 30/04/13 BSE Sensex Best Hot Intraday Calls Tips- 
Buy- Bata India Ltd with Target of Rs. 710/713/716.00 SL- 698.00 
Sell- Bharat Electronics Ltd with Target of Rs. 1185/1180/1170.00 SL- 1210.00

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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Tomorrow 29/04//13 Stock Market India Call, World Market News and Nifty Trading Tips Monday.

After yesterday performance world market looking weak in future, at Friday trading session the whole European market & Indian market decline while Asian and US market finished mix but the positive movement was not high. 
US market- North and South American markets finished mixed as of the most recent closing prices. The S&P 500 gained 0.20% and Dow Jones slight up 0.08% while the IPC led the Bovespa lower. They fell 1.53% and 1.29% respectively, Nasdaq loss 0.33%
European Market- European markets finished lower on Friday with shares in France leading the region. The CAC 40 is down 0.79% while London's FTSE 100 is off 0.25% and Germany's DAX is lower by 0.23%.
Asian Market- Asian markets finished mixed as of the most recent closing prices. The Hang Seng gained 0.65%, while the Shanghai Composite led the Nikkei 225 lower. They fell 0.97% and 0.30% respectively. Indian Stock Market- Indian markets finished lower on Friday, The NSE down 0.76% at 5871.45 and BSE is down 0.62% at 19286.72. Indian currency rupee also down in last trade by 0.16%.

Tomorrow 29/04/13 NSE Nifty Stock Tips India, Intraday Hot Trading Calls Tips- 
Buy- Cipla Ltd with Target of Rs. 411/412.50/413.50 SL-405.00 
Buy- Indusind Bank Ltd with Target of Rs. 460/463/466.00 SL- 452.00 
Buy- Reliance Industries Ltd with Target of Rs. 796/799/802.00 SL- 785.00 
Buy- Educomp Solutions Ltd with Target of Rs. 64/65/66.00 SL-60.00


Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Stock Tips India Tomorrow 25/04/13 April Best Intraday Trading Calls For Nifty Sensex.

Tomorrow Stock Tips, 25/04/13 Intraday NSE BSE Free Nifty Trading Tips Calls-
NSE Nifty Tomorrow 25 April Best India Stock Tips-
Buy- Larsen & Toubro Ltd with Target of Rs. 1510/1527/1525.00 SL- 1487.00
Buy- HUL with Target of Rs. 482/485/488.00 SL- 471.00
Tomorrow Best BSE Free India Stock Calls Tips for 25/04/12-
Sell- Mindtree Ltd with Target of Rs. 825/820/815/810.00 SL- 845.00
Buy- Canara Bank Ltd with Target of Rs. 440/442/445.00 SL- 430.00


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Tomorrow 23/04/13 Stock Tips India, NSE BSE Nifty Sensex Intraday Updates of Today.

Today Stock Market-Today Indian Share market traded full time in green. Except IT index all index surged today large increment seen in Realty (3.65%), Infra (2.58%), Bank (2.34%), Media (2.74%), Metal
(2.23%) stocks. But the Indian Rupee breached today by 0.17% and close at 54.12.
Indian stock market surged due to positive mode of world market, both the Asian as well as European market bullish today.

Market Finished level- 
NSE Nifty finished at 5834.40 with gain of 51.30 pts or 0.89%.
BSE Sensex finished at 19169.83 with gain of 153.37 pts or 0.81%.

Tomorrow 23/04/13 Stock Tips, NSE BSE Nifty Sensex Hot Best Intraday Free Trading tips Calls- Tomorrow Stock Tips India, 23 April Stock Makret NSE Nifty Tips calls- 
Sell- Asian Paints Ltd with Target of Rs 4630/4610/4590.00 SL- 4700.00
Buy- Financial Technologies Ltd with Target of Rs.780/785/790.00 SL- 765.00
Tuesday 23 April Hot BSE Sensex Free Stock Tips-
Buy- Bata India Ltd with Target of Rs. 755/758/762.00 SL- 742.00
Buy- HUL with Target of Rs. 485/488/491.00 SL- 474.00

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Tomorrow 22/04/13 Stock Tips India, Free Best Hot NSE BSE Nifty Intraday Trading Tips Calls

Tomorrow 22/04/13 stock tips India, Intraday Hot NSE BSE Nifty Trading Tips Calls-

Best Tomorrow 22 April NSE Nifty Trading Free Stock Tips-

Buy- Sun Pharma Ltd with Target of Rs. 916.50/919/922.00 SL- 908.00

Sell- Jindal Steel & Power Ltd with Target of Rs. 335/333.50/331.00 SL- 342.00

Sell- Bharti Airtel Ltd with Target of Rs. 295/293/290.00 SL- 307.50

BSE Sensex Hot Intraday Tips Calls for Monday 22 April-

Buy- JSW Steel with Target of Rs. 725/730/735.00 SL- 700.00

Buy- Oracle Financial (OFSS) with Target of Rs. 2530/2550/2570.00 SL-2465.00


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

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Tomorrow 17/04/13 Best India Stock Tips NSE Nifty Hot Intraday trading calls

Indian Stock market- Today Indian share market was bullish from the opening both Nifty and Sensex
close above 2.16% due to jumped in Midcap stocks which rose by 2.22%.
Nifty closed at 5688.95 while Sensex closed at 18744.93.

Tomorrow 17/04/13 India NSE BSE Nifty Sensex Intraday Stock Trading Tips-
Tomorrow 17 April NSE Nifty stock free trading tips-
Sell- Tata Motors with Target of Rs. 268/265/263.00 SL- 277.00 
Buy- Tech Mahindra Ltd with Target of Rs 975/978/982/986.00 SL- 962.00 
Free BSE Sensex Hot Intraday call for tomorrow 17/04/13-
Buy- Bata India Ltd with Target of Rs. 753.50/757/761.00 SL- 742.00 
Sell- Lupin Ltd with Target of Rs. 656/653/650.00 SL- 663.00

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tomorrow 16/04/13 Stock Tips For India Nifty Senex Stocks, Hot Trading Calls Free For NSE BSE


Top News- According to Inflation report Indian inflation of March month reduce by 0.84% it stay @ 5.96%
due to these RBI may more cut in Cash Reserve Ratio. This news helped market to bullish.
Indian Stock Market- At opening time market opened in red side due to decline in Asian as well as Global market but after declared the Inflation report of March month Indian share market climbed and close with gain of 0.70%. At starting of this week PSU, Bank, FMCG and Oil & Gas stocks rose by more than 1%.

NSE Nifty- NSE Nifty -50 finished High with 39.85 pts @ 5568.40 
BSE Sensex- BSE Sensex- 30 shares index gain 115.24 pts and finished at 18357.80 

16 April Tomorrow stock tips for India NSE BSE Nifty Sensex Intraday Trading-
Free NSE Nifty Trading tips for 16/04/13 Hot Calls- 
Buy- Indusind Bank Ltd with Target of Rs. 403.50/405/407.00 SL- 395.00
Buy- Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd with Target of Rs. 642.50/646/649.00 SL- 632.00
BSE Sensex Free Stock tips for 16/04/13 tomorrow intraday trading- Buy-
DLF Ltd with Target of Rs. 243.50/245.50/248.00 SL- 235.00
Buy- Cairn India Ltd with Target of Rs. 292.50/294/295.50 SL- 285.00

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Global Market updates and Tomorrow stock tips for Monday 15/04/13 India Nifty Sensex trading


At Last trading day of week world market finished down side by 0.50 to 1.00% Firstly
Asian Market- Asian markets finished lower on Friday with shares in China leading the region. The
Shanghai Composite is down 0.58% while Japan's Nikkei 225 is off 0.47% and Hong Kong's Hang Seng is lower by 0.06%.
European Market- European markets finished broadly lower on Friday with shares in Germany leading the region. The DAX is down 1.61% while France's CAC 40 is off 1.23% and London's FTSE 100 is lower by 0.49%.
American Market- North and South American markets finished lower on Friday with shares in Mexico leading the region. The IPC is down 0.91% while Brazil's Bovespa is off 0.79% while U.S.'s S&P 500 is lower by 0.28% and Nasdaq is lower by 0.16%.

Indian Stock market NSE BSE Nifty Sensex Best Tomorrow stock tips for 15 March- 
NSE Nifty Free stock tips for tomorrow 15/04/13 Monday- 
Buy- Mahindra & Mahindra with Target of Rs. 825.50/827.50/830/833.00 SL- 815.00 
Buy- Ranbaxy Lab with Target of Rs. 444/447/450.00 SL- 434.00 
Buy- Sun Pharma with Target of Rs. 873/875.50/878.00 SL- 862.00 
Buy- Dish TV India Future with Target of Rs. 68/68.50/69.00 SL-66.00 
BSE Sensex Intraday trading tips Calls for Monday 15 April- 
Buy- Berger Paints Ltd with Target of Rs. 194.50/196.00 SL-189.00 
Buy- Jubilant Foodworks Ltd with Target of Rs 1110/1120/1125.00 SL- 1070.00

Friday, 12 April 2013

Today's Indian NSE BSE Nifty Sensex Story, April Free tomorrow stock tips

Indian market- After open with gap down Indian market traded in range bound and performs lackluster. NSE Nifty made day high of 5544.50 and low of 5494.90 after open at 5520.70 while BSE Sensex made day high of 18337.91 and low of 18186.10 after open at 18275.66.

                                                           FRIDAY 12 APRIL


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Hot News of Indian Stock Market and tomorrow 10/04/13 Nifty trading tips

Today Indian Share Market- Market went to dig in last trade hour Nifty under 5500 and Sensex below
Today Nifty reached at 5495.10 fell down by 47.85 pts and Sensex decline by 211.30 pts it stopped at 18226.48
Today’s Hot News- IT major Tata Consultancy Services today said it will acquire France-based enterprise solutions provider ALTI SAfor 75 million Euro (about Rs 533 crore) in an all-cash deal. TCS CEO and MD N Chandrasekaran said Aeltiai acquisition is expected to be completed by June. Aeltiai benefits of the acquisition will begin in July. Following the acquisition, TCS France, Belgium and Switzerland would add 1,200 employees.
Tomorrow Stock Tips, 10/04/13 NSE BSE Nifty Sensex Intraday Trading stock tips calls-
NSE Nifty Tomorrow 10/04/13 Stock Trading tips, Intraday calls-
Buy- TCS Ltd with Target of Rs. 1505/1515/1530.00 SL- 1475.00 
Buy- Bata India Ltd with Target of Rs. 723/726/730.00 SL- 712.00 
BSE Sensex Intraday Free Stock Tips for tomorrow 10 April-
Buy- Dabur India Ltd with Target of Rs 142.50/146.00 SL- 131.00 
Buy- Yes Bank with Target of Rs. 428/431/434.00 SL- 415.00 
Buy- Canara Bank with Target of Rs. 382/385/388.00 SL- 368.00

Monday, 8 April 2013

Indian Stock Market for Tomorrow 09/04/13 NSE Nifty BSE Sensex Trading Idea Tips.

Indian Share Market- Today Indian stock market was range bound, market gain in early trading due to positive mode of Asian market today Japan Nikkei raised by 358.95pts which is high after August 2012 but despite that market seen sluggish side and close in red color. Small cap stocks breach by 0.55%.
Market Closing Position-
NSE Nifty- Nifty -50 loss 10.30 pts or 0.19% @ 5542.95
BSE Sensex- Sensex below 12.45 pts or 0.07%
Bank Nifty- Bank Nifty down by 86.30 or 0.78% @ 11012.65
Rupee- Indian Rupees slight gain and closed at 54.73
Tomorrow stock tips 09/04/13 Free NSE BSE Nifty Sensex Intraday trading tips calls-
NSE Nifty Free tips for tomorrow 09 April, Hot Intraday trading tips call-
Buy- Indusind bank with Target of Rs. 395/398/401.00 SL- 387.00
Buy- Ranbaxy Lab Ltd with Target of Rs.442/444/446.50 SL- 430.00
BSE Sensex Free Equity Tips calls for tomorrow 19 April-
Sell- Siemens Ltd with Target of Rs. 478/474/470.00
Buy- Bata India Ltd with Target of Rs. 720/723/726.00 SL- 709.00 

Friday, 5 April 2013

Today's 05/04/13 IPL Match and Tomorrow 06/04/13 T-20 IPL India

Today's Match from 8.00pm 

Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Pune Warriors India

2:30pm GMT (8:00pm IST), Friday 5th April 2013 
Rajiv Gandhi Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad

Tomorrow 06 April IPL match-

Delhi Daredevils vs Rajasthan Royals

10:30am GMT (4:00pm IST), Saturday 6th April 2013
Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi

Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians

2:30pm GMT (8:00pm IST), Saturday 6th April 2013
M. A. Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Friday 05/04/13 Indian Stock Market Calls and Today updates on Nifty Sensex Global market.

Global market- Global market performing mix movement from the close of US market to opening of European market.
Asian Market- Asian markets finished mixed as of the most recent closing prices. The Nikkei 225 gained 2.20%, while the Hang Seng led the Shanghai Composite lower. They fell 0.14% and 0.11% respectively. European Market- European markets are mixed today. The CAC 40 is up 0.79% while the DAX gains 0.43%. The FTSE 100 is off 0.03%.
Indian Stock Market- Today Nifty made 4 month low at reach below 5600.00 last trade days it made low of 5565.65 big down fall seen in Midcap and Small cap stocks which down 2.00% in various index side Realty fell 3.46%, IT down 2.74% and Service 2.17%. Sensex reached 328.00 pts below touch low of 18473.85
End Level of NSE BSE Index-
Nifty@5574.75 below 98.15 or 1.73% and Sensex@18509.70 below 291.94 pts. Rupee below 0.33 paise and closed @54.76.

Tomorrow stock tips, 05/04/13 Best Intraday Nifty Sensex Free Stock Calls Idea-

Buy- Tech Mahindra  980/983/986.00 SL- 968.00
Buy- Jubilant Foodwork Ltd with Target of Rs. 1200/1210/1225.00 SL- 1260.00
Buy- Reliance Infra Ltd with Target of Rs. 333/337/342.00 SL- 318.00
Buy- HCL Technology 747/751/755.00 SL- 720.00

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Today Indian Share Market whole updates and Idea for tomorrow stock 04/04/13 trading tips in Nifty Sensex

Hot News- Next week at 8 April The Two wheeler company TVS Motor going to deal with BMW on technology. TVS and BMW both will launch 200 cc segments motorcycle together. Due to these news TVS motors share jumped by 9%.
Stock Market- Today Indian Share market decline after rose yesterday global market impact seen on to Asian market traded lower side and finished with mixed NIKKEI gain 2.99% while Shanghai composite and Hang Seng end in red color and In noon European market started with red color and fell by 0.10 to 0.50%.
Indian share market before open
Indian Stock Market- Now In Indian stock market Realty, Auto, Capital Goods, Metal and Bank stocks slipped by 2 to 2.5% while Oil & Gas, PSU and IT down by 1 to 1.75%.
The 50 share index Nifty close 1.31% or 75.20 pts below and finished at 5672.90 while the 30 Share index Sensex close 1.26% or 239.31 pts below at 18801.64.

Tomorrow Stock Tips 04/04/13 April Stock Market Intraday NSE BSE Trading Tips- 
Best NSE Nifty Free Stock Tips for Tomorrow 04 April-
Buy- HUL with Target of Rs 465/467/469.00 SL- 456.00 
Buy- Asian Paints Ltd with Target of Rs. 4900/4915/4930.00 SL- 4840.00 
Free BSE Sensex Hot Stock for Trade tomorrow 04/04/13-
Buy- Bharti Airtel Ltd with Target of Rs. 282/284/286.00 SL- 275.00 
Buy- Jindal Steel & Power Ltd with Target of Rs 346/349/352.00 SL- 338.00

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Best Indian Stock Market trading idea tips for tomorrow 03/04/13, Free Nifty trading idea

03/04/13 April FREE NSE BSE Stock Market Trading idea tips for Nifty Sensex Trading- 

Buy- Ranbaxy Lab with Target of Rs 451.50/454.00 SL-445.00 

Sell- Oracle Finance with Target of Rs. 2670/2650/2630.00 SL- 2730.00 

Sell- Opto Circuits Ltd with Target of Rs. 62/61.00 SL- 65.00 

Buy- Indiabulls Financial Sevices Ltd with Target of Rs. 275/277/279.00 SL-260.00 

Sell- Hero Moto Corp Ltd with Target of Rs. 1520/1515/1510.00 SL- 1550.00

Monday, 1 April 2013

02/04/13 Tomorrow Stock Market Tips Trading Idea for Intraday trader in NSE BSE Nifty Sensex Equity.

Indian Share Market- Down turn in the economy distract market movement but after that market success
to closed in green color. Nifty closed above 5700.00 it supported by Realty and Infra shares. Small cap and Midcap share climbed sharply.

Nifty Closed- NSE Nifty closed at 5704.40 gain 0.38% or 21.85 pts. 
Sensex Closed- BSE Sensex closed at 18864.75 rose by 28.98 pts. 

Tomorrow Stock Tips, NSE BSE Intraday Trading Tips Calls for 02 April- 
NSE India Free Nifty tips, Tomorrow Stock Calls 02/04/13- 
Buy- Reliance Industries Ltd with Target of Rs. 781/784/787.00 SL- 770.00 
Buy- Wipro Ltd with Target of Rs. 434/437/440.00 SL- 423.00 
BSE Free Stock Equity tips for 02/04/13 hot calls for tomorrow- 
Buy- Jubilant Foodworks Ltd with Target of Rs. 1255/1265/1275.00 SL- 1230.00 
Buy- MindTree Ltd with Target of Rs. 905/908/911/915.00 SL- 890.00 

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