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Friday, 31 May 2013

Tomorrow Stock Tips India 31/05/13 Nifty Sensex Best Free Intraday Share trading tips

                           Tomorrow 31/05/13 NSE Nifty Tips for Inraday trading-

Buy- SBI Ltd with Target of Rs. 2095/2105/2115/2125.00 SL-2060.00

Buy- Ranbaxy Lab with Target of Rs. 384/386/388/390.00 SL- 374.00

                                   31 May Tomorrow BSE Sensex Free Stock Tips-

Buy- Sobha Developers Ltd with Target of Rs. 400/403/406/410.00 SL- 388.00

Buy- HCL Tech with Target of Rs. 743.50/746/748/750.00 SL- 735.00

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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Nifty Sensex 30/05/13 Tomorrow Stock intraday free trading idea tips for buy sell

Today Stock Market- The Indian Share market there was a complete red day with range bound but though at before just closing market came close to the previous day closed. We see more consolidation in market because of May expiry and falloff in global market after yesterday gaining the Asian market closed with mixed and European market trading in red color if the US market opens in weak then we can see domestic market in red zone form opening session and if US & European market success to close in green side then Indian market will open with gap up and then again come into the red side.

Market Closing Levels-
NIFTY- The 50-share index ended at 6,104.30, down 6.95 points or 0.11 per cent. It touched a high of 6,125.05 and a low of 6,069.80 in trade today.
SENSEX- The Sensex closed at 20,147.64, down 13.18 points or 0.07 per cent. It touched a high of 20,216.49 and a low of 20,044.74 in trade today.
The S&P BSE Midcap Index was down 0.39 per cent and the S&P BSE Smallcap Index slipped 0.16 per cent.

Tomorrow 30/05/13 Intraday NSE BSE Free Stock Trading tips calls- 
NSE Nifty 30 May Intraday hot best stock trading idea free calls- 
Sell- Cipla Ltd with Target of Rs. 400/398/396.00 SL- 407.00 
Sell- Ultra Tech Cement Ltd with Target of Rs. 1970/1965/1960/1950.00 SL-2000.00 
BSE Sensex 30/05/13 Intraday Trading tips calls for tomorrow- 
Buy- HUL with Target of Rs. 595.50/597/600.00 SL- 588.00 
Sell- Bata India with Target of Rs. 823/820/817.00 SL-833.00

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Share Market 29/05/13 Tomorrow with Best Free Nifty Sensex Intraday Hot Stock Calls tips

Today Indian Share market was volatile in whole day if we seen on graph the whole session trade in 3 sections first at opening time market took led of 0.40 per cent because of Asian Market gained but at near closing of Asian market Indian share market seen into pressure and loss their led with 0.40 per cent decrement but as the European market open in green zone Indian stock market climbed up to 0.80 per cent.
Tomorrow we can see again positive movement in market and Nifty can touch 6140 to 6160.00
NIFTY- The 50-share index ended at 6,112.75, up 29.60 points or 0.49 per cent. It touched a high of 6,127.65 and a low of 6,055.40 in trade today.
SENEX- The Sensex ended at 20,167.54, up 136.77 points or 0.68 per cent. It touched a high of 20,209.82 and a low of 19,963.23 in trade today.
Tomorrow 29 May NSE BSE Free Nifty Sensex Stock Tips Calls- 
NSE 29/05/13 Nifty Intraday Trading Stock Tips Calls- 
Sell- Ranbaxy Lab with target of Rs. 393.50/390.50/385.00 SL- 405.00 
Buy- SBI with Target of Rs. 2140/2150/2160.00 SL-2100.00 
Buy- Jindal Steel with Target of Rs.308/310/312.00 SL- 300.00
BSE Sensex Best Free Calls Tips for Tomorrow 29 May- 
Buy- Sobha Developers Ltd with Target of Rs. 420/422/425/.00 SL- 410.00 
Buy- Adani Ports Ltd with Target of Rs. 159/160/161.00 SL- 154.00

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Tomorrow Stock tips India, 28/05/13 Free NSE BSE Share market Intraday trading calls

Indian Share market taken good start at first trade day of this week from opening period market
sharply climbed more than 0.55 per cent in half hour and before opening of European market Indian market was consolidate with led position but in last 30:00 minute market rose by more than 1.80% after all NSE Nifty closed at 6083.15 with led of 99.60 pts while the Senex closed at 20030.77 with led of 326.44.
In my view market will not continue rise and we can see Nifty below 6050.00 and Sensex under 19930.00 due mix sign of global market.
28 May tomorrow Indian share market tips for NSE BSE Intraday trading-
NSE Nifty 28/05/13 Free stock tips for tomorrow- 
Sell- Maruti Suzuki India with target of Rs. 1640/1630/1620.00 SL- 1675.00 
Sell- MindTree Ltd with Target of Rs. 800/797.50/795.00 SL- 810.00

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Tomorrow Monday 27/05/13 India Free Best Stock Tips for Intraday Trading in Nifty Sensex

Global Market- Yesterday European market closed in red zone while US and Asian market finished with mixed. Japan Nikkei finished with led of 0.89 per cent after lose 3.07 per cent in early trading.
Quarter report of various companies-
Jet Airways deficit increase in duration of January to March by 495 crore which was 298 crore in fourth quarter of 2012, Q4 income of Jet Airways in FY-13 remains 3922 crore.
Spice Jet company got 186 crore deficit in fourth quarter of FY-13 which was 249 crore in same quarter of previous fiscal year
Crompton Greave profit reduces by 74.7 per cent in Q4 of FY-13 because of declined in selling.
SEBI- According to news the right for call recording may get to SEBI due to demand of SEBI chief UK Sinha for perform better market regulator.
Market view for next week- Nifty has Resistance of 6100 and 6250.00 while Support of 5850 to 5800.00, according to market condition we can see nifty easily at 6030.00 on Monday.
Tomorrow Monday 27/05/13 Stock market Trading Idea Tips for Intraday- 
27/05/13 Monday NSE Nifty Index Intraday free Trading tips calls- 
Buy- Sun Pharma Ltd with Target of Rs. 975/980/985.00 SL- 950.00 
Buy- Jubilant Foodwork Ltd with Target of Rs. 1082/1090/1095.00 SL- 1058.00 

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Friday, 24 May 2013

Tomorrow 24/05/13 free stock tips india for intraday trading in Nifty Sensex.

                                      TOMORROW STOCK TIPS 24/05/13
Indian Share Market- Indian market made hat trick on Thursday due to weak global market sign and
stimulus package in the US markets seemed to be feared. Another reason is disappointed by Bank of Japan Nikkei declined. Nifty below 6000.00 and Sensex under 19700.00
Asian Market- Asian markets finished sharply lower today with shares in Japan leading the region. The Nikkei 225 is down 7.32% (1143.28 pts) while Hong Kong's Hang Seng is off 2.54% and China's Shanghai Composite is lower by 1.16%.
European Market- European markets are sharply lower today with shares in Germany off the most. The DAX is down 2.30% while France's CAC 40 is off 2.17% and London's FTSE 100 is lower by 1.73%.
Nifty- The 50-share index closed at 5,967.05, down 127 points or 2.09 per cent. It touched a high of 6,081.45 and a low of 5,955.70 in trade today. Aggressive call writing was seen at 6,000 and 6,100 levels on Nifty futures.
Sensex- The Sensex ended at 19,674.33, down 387.91 points or 1.93 per cent. It touched a high of 20,027.56 and a low of 19,634.79 in trade today.
Tomorrow 24 May Best Stock Intraday trading tips calls for NSE BSE-
NSE Nifty calls for Friday 24/05/13 Intraday hot Free Stock Tips India- 
Buy- Grasim Industries Ltd with Target of Rs. 2950/2960/2970.00 SL- 2910.00
Buy- kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd with Target of Rs. 766.50/769/772.00 SL- 758.00
BSE Sensex 24 May Free Intraday Tips for Tomorrow- 
Buy- Sun Pharma with Target of Rs 1010/1015/1020.00 SL- 995.00
Buy- Ultratech cement Ltd with Target of Rs. 1955/1960/1965.00 SL- 1930.00


Thursday, 23 May 2013

23/05/13 Best Tomorrow India Stock Tips for intraday trading, NSE BSE Nifty calls

NSE Nifty 23 May Intraday Hot Stock Tips for Tomorrow Equity calls-
Sell- ICICI Bank Ltd below 1180.00 with Target of Rs. 1170/1165/1160.00 SL- 1200.00
Sell- DLF  below 214.00 with Target of Rs. 211/209/207.0 SL- 219.00

BSE Hot Sensex Intraday 23/05/13 tomorrow free trading tips calls- 
Buy- Reliance Capital Ltd with Target of Rs. 364.50/367/370.00 SL- 357.00
Buy- Emami Ltd with Target of Rs. 753/757/762.00 SL- 7435.00


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Nifty Sensex updates and 22/05/13 Tomorrow Best Intraday Hot Stock Intraday Tips calls

                                             21 May Indian Market

BSE SENSEX- The 30-share index ended at 20,097.18, down 126.80 points or 0.63 per cent. It touched a high of 20,308.04 and a low of 20,072.68 in trade today.

NSE NIFTY- The Nifty closed at 6,110.65, down 46.25 points or 0.75 per cent. It touched a high of 6,180.25 and a low of 6,102.35 in trade today.

The decline was led by rate sensitive sectors like realty, auto and banks.
NSE Nifty tomorrow 22/05/13 free intraday tips-
Buy- Sun Pharma Industries Ltd with Target of Rs. 976/978/980/982.00 SL- 965.00
Buy- Lupin Ltd with Target of Rs. 771/774/778.00 SL- 760.00
Tomorrow 22 May Intraday BSE Sensex Stock Call Tips Free-
Buy- Axis Bank Ltd with Target of Rs. 1530/1535/1540/1550.00 SL- 1500.00
Buy- Canara Bank Ltd with Target of Rs. 445/447.50/450.00 SL- 437.00


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Closing Updates and Tomorrow 21/05/13 Best Stock Tips for Intraday NSE BSE Trading.

2.5 साल की ऊंचाई पर पहुंचने के बाद मुनाफावसूली की वजह से बाजार 0.5 फीसदी तक गिरे। सेंसेक्स 62 अंक गिरकर 20224 और निफ्टी 30 अंक गिरकर 6157 पर बंद हुए।

दिग्गजों के साथ-साथ छोटे-मझौले शेयरों पर भी बिकवाली का दबाव आया। निफ्टी मिडकैप 0.5 फीसदी गिरा। बीएसई स्मॉलकैप में 0.2 फीसदी की कमजोरी दिखी।

हेल्थकेयर शेयर करीब 2 फीसदी लुढ़के। कंज्यूमर ड्यूरेबल्स, बैंक, ऑयल एंड गैस, रियल्टी, पीएसयू, कैपिटल गुड्स और पावर शेयरों में 1-0.5 फीसदी की गिरावट आई। एफएमसीजी शेयर 0.2 फीसदी फिसले।

ऑटो शेयर करीब 1 फीसदी और आईटी शेयर 0.6 फीसदी चढ़े। तकनीकी शेयरों में हल्की बढ़त दिखी। मेटल शेयरों में सुस्ती नजर आई।

Tomorrow NSE Nifty Best Free Intraday Trading tips calls for 21 May-
Buy- Ultratech Cements Ltd with Target of Rs. 2025/2035/2050.00 SL- 2000.00
Buy- Reliance Industries Ltd with Target of Rs. 835/838/841.00 SL- 822.00
Tomorrow 21/05/13 Intraday trading tips calls for BSE Stocks-
Buy- Berger paints Ltd with Target of Rs. 235/236.50/238.00 SL- 230.00
Buy- Emami Ltd with Target of Rs. 697/698/700.00 SL-690.00

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Free Stock Tips India for Tomorrow 20/05/13, Best Intraday Buy Sell Calls Nifty.

Free NSE Nifty Tomorrow 20/05/13 May Intraday Stock Trading Tips calls- 

Buy- HCL Technologies Ltd with Target of Rs. 723/726/729.00 SL-710.00 

Buy- Reliance Industries Ltd with Target of Rs. 838/840/842/845.00 SL- 825.00 

Free BSE Intraday Trading Calls tips for Tomorrow 20 May- 

Buy- Colgate-Palmolive (India) Ltd with Target 1493/1500/1510.00 SL- 1470.00 

Buy- Cadila Healthcare Ltd with Target of Rs. 822/825/830.00 SL- 808.00


Indian Stock Market Gainers Losers of Today and Free Stock Trail


Nifty touched its highest level since November 2010. Tracking the momentum, Nifty May Futures hit its key psychological level of 6200 (6199.95 which is high of the day) in trade today.
Sensex finished at 20286.12 it touched high of 20328.19 (52 week high) in trade today.

NSE Risers-
BHEL, Relinfra, JP Associat, DLF, NTPC, PNB, LT, Ambuja Cem, Bank of Baroda, Kotakbank.

NSE Fallers-
Indusind Bank, HCL Tech, Dr Reddy, Bharti Airtel, NMDC, SesaGoa, Maruti, Hindalco, Ranbaxy.

BSE Risers-
BHEL, NTPC, ICICI Bank, L&T, Jindal Steel, Bajaj Auto, TCS, Tata Power, Infosys.

BSE Fallers-
Bharti Airtel, Dr. Reddy, Sterlite Industries, Wipro, Hindalco, Maruti Suzuki.

Friday, 17 May 2013

17 May NSE BSE Hot Best Stock Tips Calls for tomorrow, Intraday trading updates

Indian Share Market- Today market session was rangebound in positive trend market start with red zone but due to buying on lower level market raise to upside and after it was lackluster. IT, MNC, Media, FMCG, Metal and Auto sector decline while Bank, Realty, Infra, Energy and Pharma Stock take better led.

Sensex- The 30-share index ended at 20,247.27, up 34.31 points or 0.17 per cent. It touched a high of 20,326.48 and a low of 20,162.12 in trade today.

Nifty- The Nifty closed at 6,169.35, up 22.60 points or 0.37 per cent. It touched a high of 6,187.30 and a low of 6,128.25 in trade today.

Tomorrow Stock tips India 17 May Intraday NSE BSE trading tips Calls- 
17/05/13 May Nifty Stock Trading idea and tips-
Buy- Zee Enterprises Ltd with Target of Rs. 247/248/249.00 SL- 241.50 
Buy- Sun Pharma Ltd with Target of Rs. 970.50/973/975.00 SL- 963.00 
BSE Sensex Hot Intraday call tips for tomorrow 07 May-
Buy- Bata India Ltd with Target of Rs. 812.50/815/818.00 SL-803.00 
Buy- Union Bank of India 245/246.50/248.00 SL-240.00

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

16/05/13 May Tomorrow Stock Tips India, Today Sensex surges 490 points; Nifty scales 6,100 level

Record Level of Today- The S&P BSE Sensex and the Nifty extended intraday gains towards the end of the session on Wednesday and closed nearly 500 and 150 points higher respectively as foreign institutional investors pumped in dollars on hopes of interest ratecuts by the Reserve Bank of India at its policy meet next month.

India's headline wholesale 
inflation eased below 5 per cent in April, dropping within the central bank's comfort zone for the first time in more than three years.

"We expect the RBI to cut policy rates 25bp on June 17 and have preponed another 25bp rate cut to July 30 from October. To improve bank liquidity to soften lending rates, the RBI should continue to OMO (Rs 1600 billion BAMLe) in FY14, assuming 50bp CRR cut in 2HFY14," said Bank of America Merrill Lynch report.

The 30-share index registered its biggest gain in terms of points in at least one year to close at 20,215.30, up 493.01 points or 2.50 per cent. It touched a high of 20,241.96 and a low of 19,798.18 in trade today.

The Nifty closed at 6,142.25, up 146.85 points or 2.45 per cent. It touched a high of 6,157.10 and a low of 6,018.85 in trade today.

Tomorrow stock tips India 16 May Free intraday nifty trading tips calls-
Buy- Bajaj Finance with Target of Rs. 1410/1412/1435.00 SL- 1470.00
Sell- NIIT Technology with Target of Rs. 260/258/256/254.00 SL- 266.50
Buy- Tech Mahindra Ltd with Target of Rs. 958/962/966/970.00 SL- 940.00


Today Stock India Updates and Tomorrow 15/05/13 best Nifty stock trading tips calls

Today Stock Market- Today in early trade Indian market was volatile but maximum time movement was positive, the Indian market supported by April month Inflation report. Today the Forex market was also positive Indian Rupee traded higher verses Dollar, Yen, Euro, and Dirham.

NIFTY-The Nifty finished at 5995.40 rose 14.95 or 0.25%, in day trading Nifty touched high of 6026.20 and low of 5970.05.
SENSEX-The BSE Sensex end at 19722.29 rose 0.16 per cent or 30.62 pts, in day trade Sensex touched high of 19830.01 and low of 19653.05.
INTERNATIONAL MARKET- World market looking weak before Indian market closing Asian market finished with broadly lower and due to that European market also trading lower side.

Tomorrow Stock Tips India, 15 May hot best intraday trading tips calls- 
NSE Nifty free trading tips for 15 May tomorrow- 
Sell- Bank of Baroda 700/697/695.00 SL- 710.00 
Buy- Indusind Bank Ltd with Target of Rs. 492/494/496.00 SL-485.00 
Sell- Power Grid Corp with Target of Rs. 113/112/111.00 SL-116.50

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Forex Trading and Tomorrow 14/05/13 Indian Stock Market Best Intraday Trading Tips Calls

Currency selected vs Indian Rupee (INR)

US Dollar (USD)

Euro (EUR)

Dirham (AED)

Yen (JPY)

Ch. Yuan (CNY)


Today Indian Stock Market- Benchmarks indices witnessed one of the biggest falls in 2013 on Monday as cautious institutional investors resorted to profit booking after the sharp four-week rally. All sectoral indices closed in the negative terrain with heavy sell-off in FMCG, metals, capital goods and auto stocks. 
SENSEX-The 30-share index ended at 19,686.01, down 436.31 points or 2.16 per cent. It touched a high of 20,109.08 and a low of 19,669.70 in trade today. 
NIFTY-The Nifty closed at 5,977.10, down 130.15 points or 2.13 per cent. It touched a high of 6,104.95 and a low of 5,972.90 in trade today. 

Tomorrow stock tips 14/05/13 May Stock India- 
Buy- Reliance Infra with Target of Rs. 390/393/396.00 SL- 380.00
Buy- HUL with Target of Rs. 585/587.00 SL- 580.00

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Tomorrow 13/05/13 Stock Tips India, NSE BSE Nifty Intraday trading Tips Calls

The 30-share index closed at20122.32, gain The 30-share index closed at20122.32, gain 39.70 points or 0.20 per cent. The index touched a high of 20,146.83 and a low of 20055.18 in trade yesterday. 

The Nifty closed at 6107.255, gain 12.50 points or 0.21 per cent. It touched a high of 6,114.55 and a low of 6,084.15 in trade today. 

BSE Sensex Stock Tips India for Tomorrow 13/05/13

Buy- HCL Tech with Target of Rs 774/778/781.00 SL- 764.00

Buy- Jindal Steel with Target of Rs. 313/315/316.50 SL-306.00

Buy- Maruti Suzuki India Ltd with Target of Rs. 1740/1750.00 SL-1715.00

Saturday, 11 May 2013

World Market Updates and Today Stock Tips India Hot Best Calls

World finished with mixed the whole Asian, European and US market finished with higher, only Japan Nikkei rose 2.93% while the US, European and Asian market 0.20 to 0.65% and Indian Share market move up by 0.75% in last trade day.
Asian Market- Asian markets finished broadly higher on Friday with shares in Japan leading the region. The Nikkei 225 is up 2.93% while China's Shanghai Composite is up 0.62% and Hong Kong's Hang Seng is up 0.47%.
European Market- European markets finished higher on Friday with shares in France leading the region. The CAC 40 is up 0.64% while London's FTSE 100 is up 0.49% and Germany's DAX is up 0.19%.
America Market- North and South American markets finished mixed as of the most recent closing prices. The S&P 500 gained 0.43% and the IPC rose 0.14%. The Bovespa lost 0.61%.
Indian Share Market-
The 30-share index closed at 20282.62, gain 143.58 points or 0.72 per cent. The index touched a high of 20,117.48 and a low of 19,950.00 in trade yesterday.
The Nifty closed at 6,094.75, gain 44.66 points or 0.74 per cent. It touched a high of 6,105.30 and a low of 6,045.60 in trade yesterday.
Today The Indian Stock Market open for 3 hours (11 AM to 1 PM)-

Today Hot Calls-

Buy- Ultratech Cement Ltd with Target of Rs. 1980/1990/2000.00 SL-1965.00

Buy- Sun Pharma Ltd with target of Rs. 941/945/955/960.00 SL- 925.00

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Today Indian Share Market & 10 May Tomorrow Best NSE Nifty BSE Stock tips India

Indian Share Market-World market impact seen on to the Indian stock market in yesterday US market closed in mixed while today Asian market traded lower and finished below on other hand European market also trading with lower which made Indian market lackluster.
Today The S&P BSE Sensex ended a lackluster session in the negative terrain on Thursday led by losses after the recent rally in healthcare, metals and realty.
The 30-share index closed at 19,939.04, down 51.14 points or 0.26 per cent. The index touched a high of 20,058.48 and a low of 19,903.83 in trade today. 
The Nifty closed at 6,050.15, down 19.15 points or 0.32 per cent. It touched a high of 6,084.70 and a low of 6,040.45 in trade today.
Tomorrow 10/05/13 Indian Stock Market Intraday trading Tips Calls- 
NSE Nifty Free Tips for 10/05/13 Tomorrow- 
Sell- Jubilant Foodwork Ltd with Target of Rs. 1010/1000/990.00 
Buy- Dabur India Ltd with Target of Rs 160/162.50 SL- 155.00 
Buy- Bata India Ltd with Target of Rs. 806//810/815.00 SL- 793.00 
10 May BSE Equity Tips, Trading calls for Tomorrow- 
Buy- Sun Pharma Indus Ltd with Target of Rs. 952/955/960.00 SL- 940.00 
Buy- Dr. Reddy’s Lab with Target of Rs. 1992/2000/2010.00 SL-1970.00

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Stock Tips India for 09/05/13 Tomorrow, Best Free Nifty NSE BSE Intraday calls

In Karnataka Election Congress got 119 seats while BJP and JDS got 38 seats.
Today Stock Market-
Due to positive sign from international market Indian market closed higher but market got down in middle due to Indian political issue. Selling pressure seen on to Midcap stocks and NSE Midcap fell by 0.48% while SmallCap bullish by 0.96%. Sensex reached higher on 20K and Nifty above 6050.00
Closing point- 
NSE Nifty at 6069.30 gained 25.75 or 0.43% while The BSE Sensex closed at 19990.18 above 101.23 pts. 
Tomorrow 09/05/13 Stock Market India Tips for NSE BSE Nifty Sensex Intraday Trading-
NSE Nifty Free Stock Tips, Tomorrow 09/05/13 Best Nifty Trading tips-
Buy- Tata Steel Ltd with Target of Rs. 321/323.50 SL- 314.00 
Buy- Sun TV Network Ltd with Target of Rs. 442/445/447.50.00 SL-431.00 
BSE Free Intraday Sensex trading tips for tomorrow 09 May-
Sell- Godrej Consumer Products Ltd with Target of Rs. 832/830/827.00 SL- 840.00 
Buy- L&T with Target of Rs. 1570/1575/1580.00 SL- 1550.00 


Sunday, 5 May 2013

Tomorrow 06/05/13 Monday NSE BSE Stock Tips India, Best Nifty Resistance and US Market Updates

World Stock Market- At the end of this week world market Friday Close Nasdaq 38.01 or 1.14%,
DOW Jones rose 142.38 or 0.96% while S&P gain 1.05% so the overall US market Closed at higher yesterday on the other hand European market also finished bullish side DAX rose 2.02%, CAC 40 gain 1.40% while FTSE 100 rose 0.94%.
Monday Stock Market India- Monday we can see light gap in Indian market Nifty has good Resistance 5970.00 and after touch it we can see at 5995.00 levels and Support of 5915.00.
Tomorrow 06/05/13 Monday Stock Market India NSE BSE Nifty Sensex Intraday Trading Tips- Tomorrow 06/05/13 Monday NSE Nifty Stock Tips India-
Buy- Maruti Suzuki Ltd with Target of Rs. 1675/1680/1685.00 SL- 1652.00 
Buy- Indusind Bank Ltd with Target of Rs. 470/472/474.00 SL- 461.00 
Tomorrow Stock Tips Monday 06/05/13 Hot intraday trading tips for BSE Sensex- 
Buy- SBI with Target of Rs. 2230/2240/2245.00 SL-2200.00 
Buy- Financial Technologies Ltd with Target of Rs. 822/826/830/835.00 SL-800.00

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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

02/05/13 Tomorrow India stock market intraday trading tips NSE Nifty

Stock Market tips India for tomorrow 02/05/13 best Hot stock Intraday Trading calls for NSE BSE Nifty Sensex-

Buy- Indusind Bank with Target of Rs. 470/472/474.50 SL- 462.00

Buy- Ranbaxy Lab with Target of Rs. 455/457/460.00 SL- 445.00 

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