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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Black sport black fiber, NSE-BSE nexus between ?????

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Singapore Exchange blower Whistle both NSE-BSE alleged serious littered optical fiber between the two exchanges, which is being unfairly benefit some customers. The finance ministry has expressed concern, given the seriousness of the issue and has asked SEBI to investigate. 

Blower Whistle Singapore raised the RTI information and documents asked why the government is running a black fiber. Sebi has asked for the case to launch a preliminary investigation. According to Singapore's Whistle Blower 15 kilometers between Fort Mumbai BKC is littered with fiber wire. Please tell the NSE's office in BKC, while BSE office in Fort. 

5 times compared to other means of fiber wire is less. Singapore Whistle Blower allegations against BSE, NSE in the beginning is 15 percent less volume. Soon the BSE and NSE prices than those receiving benefits in trading. 

Technical relationship between the two exchanges is called black fibers and through two exchanges is to use the data without interruption. Black Fiber Exchange is expected to start from the server and uses it a certain special class. Black fiber from stock price volatility on the most benefit. 

ED JN Gupta, former Sebi on the issue, said there is no truth in the news and it's a seemingly impossible. NSE and BSE are both major exchanges and could not do a thing against the regulation. JN Gupta is 100 per cent confident that the NSE and BSE can not be wrong as black fiber. The SEBI investigations also proved the news is expected to be unfounded.


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