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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Weekly Stock Market Overview, Penny Stocks to BUY Tomorrow- 28 Nov

The Stock market extended its attractive streak to 3 successive weeks with the S&P 500 rising 1.4 percent to mark a fresh all-time high. 

Treasury yield was on a big post-election run, however selling in the bond market eased up a bit during the last week. The ten-year yield edged up to 2.36 percent from last Friday's 2.34 percent. Telecom services get uptick (+4.6 percent) and utilities (+1.9 percent) had a better showing than the broader market during the past week. The energy space (+2.2 percent) rallied, while the consumer discretionary sector benefited (+2.3 percent). Industrial also outperformed by (+2.3%), largely. 

Stocks moved their post-election rally due to major indexes reached record highs Friday and have grown in each of the past 3-weeks. Stocks of Small-cap have grown more than that of Large-cap since the election, as many investors consider that they will be the larger beneficiaries of picking growth and tax reform. 

Interest rates have grown, driven by lower tax rate expectations and higher government spending which have assisted lift expectations for speedy economic growth and higher inflation. Ten-year Treasury yields have rebounded to its highest level since last December, surging above 2.3 percent from 1.8 percent during November.  Bond prices decline, and long term bond prices have went down more than short-term bond prices.  Even with the recent leap in rates, bond yields kept rather low by historical standards.

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